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AALAS Technician Certification Handbook

Excerpted from: AALAS Technician Certification Handbook (revised 5/08)

Certification Reference List is a list of publications referenced in the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) test item data bank for each exam level. The test item data bank contains all test questions for the AALAS technician certification examinations. This list is published by the Certification Registry Board (CRB) to assist those who are preparing to take a technician certification test as well as those with teaching and training responsibilities. The Certification Reference List is divided by certification level. Each higher level incorporates the references of the lower level(s). For example, the LAT level includes the material found in the ALAT and the LAT lists, and the LATG level includes the material found in the ALAT, LAT, and LATG lists.  References are not listed in order of importance.

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Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician (ALAT) Reference List

ALAT Additional Reading List - These publications should be consulted and used as sources of information and for continued education.

ALAT 1: History and Purpose of Laboratory Animal Science and Animal Care Programs

ALAT 2: The Research Facility Environment

ALAT 3: An Introduction to Science

ALAT 4: Cell and Tissue Structure

ALAT 5: Organs and Organ Systems

ALAT 6: Feed and Nutrition

ALAT 7: Heredity and Breeding

ALAT 8: Laboratory Animal Environment

ALAT 9: Facility Equipment

ALAT 10: Hygiene in the Laboratory Animal Facility

ALAT 11: Animal Procurement

ALAT 12: Health and Disease

ALAT 13: Drug Therapy and Common Diseases of Laboratory Animals

ALAT 14: Euthanasia

ALAT 15: Experimental Design and Methodology

ALAT 16: Mice

ALAT 17: Rats

ALAT 18: Hamsters

ALAT 19: Guinea Pigs

ALAT 20: Gerbils

ALAT 21: Rabbits

ALAT 22: Cats

ALAT 23: Dogs

ALAT 24: Non-human Primates

ALAT 25: Swine

ALAT 26: Sheep/Goats

ALAT 27: Amphibians

ALAT 28: Birds

ALAT 29: Miscellaneous Laboratory Animals

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Laboratory Animal Technician (LAT) Reference List

Note: The LAT level list includes materials found on both the ALAT and LAT levels.

LAT Additional Reading List: These publications should be consulted and used as sources of information and for continued education.

LAT 1: Public and Private Interests in Animal Research

LAT 2: Administrative Responsibilities

LAT 3: Laboratory Techniques

LAT 4: Genetics and Breeding

LAT 5: Anatomy and Physiology

LAT 6: Laboratory Animal Facility Equipment

LAT 7: The Laboratory Environment

LAT 8: Animal Health Maintenance

LAT 9: Health and Disease

LAT 10: Diagnostic Techniques

LAT 11: Aseptic Technique, Surgical Support and Anesthesia

LAT 12: Emergency Veterinary Care

LAT 13: Research Methodology

LAT 14: Calculations and Conversions

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Laboratory Animal Technologist (LATG) Reference List

Note: The LATG level list includes references found on the ALAT, LAT, and LATG lists.

LATG Additional Reading List

LATG 1: Personal Management:

LATG 2: Facility Management:

LATG 3: Facility Security & Disaster Planning:

LATG 4: Regulations:

LATG 5: Health Surveillance & Quality Assurance:

LATG 6: Occupational Health & Safety:

LATG 7: Introduction to Organic Chemistry & Biochemistry:

LATG 8: Molecular Biology:

LATG 9: Immunology:

LATG 10: Genetic Engineering:

LATG 11: Gnotobiotics:

LATG 12: Agents of Infectious Disease:

LATG 13: Common Diseases of Laboratory Animals:

LATG 14: Diagnostic Techniques:

LATG 15: Pharmacology:

LATG 16: Anesthesia & Analgesia:

LATG 17: Experimental Design & Data Handling:

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References by Type (extracted from the lists above)

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Journal Articles:

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